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Technicians at Work


"The safety of our customers & employees is our top priority"

Job site safety is at the forefront of our “think safety” culture. All field personnel, in all divisions, are OSHA 10 certified. In addition, field training is continued through weekly "tool box talks", quarterly field communication meetings and yearly “safety days.”

Construction safety at all levels

Our construction project managers are OSHA 30 certified and participate in the  job hazard analysis process (JHA).  D&D/DNET’s objective is to be a 100% accident-free workplace, while maintaining the highest standards of quality work. With the involvement of all team members promoting responsible work practices we achieve rewarding growth for all.

What we do

  • Safety Committeea yearly rotating committee that meets bi-monthly to discuss and enact current and new safety policies

  • Dedicated department:  our Safety Director & Safety Inspector are here to help ensure safety is on the mind of all employees

  • Continual training:  all field personnel participate in weekly safety shorts, where relevant topics are reviewed and discussed

  • Field Communication:  quarterly meetings are held with all foreman to receive input from the field so the office is always on the pulse of what's happening

  • Safety Day:  our own holiday dedicated to training and creating a "Think Safety" culture and that all employees are required to attend.  The day includes professional training and discussion time on the latest safety news

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